Amazon Account Set Up & Management

Bordwalk offer a full service from initial account creation and ongoing management including full reporting on all activities. We can handle your complete Amazon selling activities which allows you to concentrate on your other sales channels, including FBA.

Amazon Product Listings

Creating a listing on Amazon is easy - getting it right is not (unless you know how). A great product listing is one of the keys to successful positioning on Amazon and with over twenty aspects to get right - doing just one wrong will be the difference between the top listing and page 30.

Amazon Reputation Management

An essential part of the puzzle is proactively driving feedback. We know how to leverage the Amazon Algorithm to assist further in higher product rankings.

Amazon Paid Advertising Services

As with Google and other search engines, Amazon provides paid advertising facilities to gain ground on competition. Our Amazon advertising services focus on getting you the ROAS you deserve, while gaining popularity for organic rankings.

Amazon Keyword Research

Using both Amazon and our proprietary tools, we make sure we thoroughly research and select all the best keywords and search phrases Amazon buyers are using to find your products.

Amazon Search Optimization

Optimise your listing not just for Amazon, but also Google and other Search Engines to ensure you benefit from constant sources of free, organic traffic.

Ready to lead on Amazon?

Let's develop a strategy that transforms your Amazon listings into your most valuable salesperson.